Why The Movie Trilogy Is Officially Dead (And That’s OK)

In the realm of movies, the trilogy reigns supreme over lesser kinds of series. Thanks to the popularity of Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings, Back To The Future, The Godfather, and The Dark Knight, making a self-contained trilogy indicates a sense of vague importance. The trilogy is a craft beer in a sea of Hollywood Busch Lights, and it once stood strong against the storms of cash-grab sequels and spinoffs. A trilogy told a complete story in three movies and left on a high note, before producers could convince the creative types to castrate themselves on the altar of Foreign Box Office Gross and Tie-In Merchandising Opportunities.

The trilogy is such an ever-present concept that even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which every film is connected to every other film, tends to make its “single hero” installments in series of threes. There are three Iron Man movies and three Captain America movies, and in the near future, there will be a third Thor movie, a third Guardians Of The Galaxy, and two sequels to Spider-Man: Homecoming, because ambition is truly blind. And most pop culture sites deem these trilogies, because hey, three movies makes a trilogy, right?

Columbia Pictures
The world begged for another third Spider-Man film, and Marvel listened.

Sort of?

Look, fighting for the integrity of the word “trilogy” is like fighting for the integrity of the phrase “dick salad.” “Dick salad” doesn’t need me to start a war to defend the honor of “dick salad,” because the meaning of “dick salad” just isn’t that important to most people. My quest to apply the word “trilogy” correctly is a lonely howl into the aisles of your local Best Buy. If the word “trilogy” continues to be slapped onto the cover of any three disc set that focuses on one character, but tells a ridiculously incomplete story, my name will not go down in any history books as the one man that planted his flag when all others retreated into the hills of lazy movie marketing.

But if you go into the Captain America films or the Iron Man films, or even the latest batch of X-Men films, expecting a trilogy that you can watch in the same manner as Lord Of The Rings, you’re going to be disappointed at best. At worst, you’ll be monstrously confused. For instance, if you decide to start your venture into X-Men with First Class, not even an hour will go by before parts of the movie refuse to make sense. Wolverine makes a cameo wherein he tells Magneto and Professor X to “Fuck off,” and ha ha that’s funny because he was in that other X-Men non-trilogy, where he most decidedly didn’t tell Magneto and Professor X to fuck off.

That said, when you haven’t been repeatedly alerted to the significance of Wolverine, it’s just a short scene where a random man at a bar tells the two main characters to fuck off and is never referenced or mentioned again. If you don’t want to watch most of the Avengers movies but still want to dive into the Captain America section of things, you’ll be treated to a movie that makes sense, a movie that sort of makes sense, and a movie in which famed hero Iron Man shows up with a few other guys, but they all just fucking hate Captain America. And if your sole pleasure in life is Robert Downey Jr., you’ll get a solid origin story with Iron Man, a movie that’s basically about Nick Fury trying to convince Iron Man to be in other movies with Iron Man 2, and a movie about the repercussions of a movie that you didn’t see with Iron Man 3.

In the grand scheme of things, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about building the next Avengers film. So rather than get the most important moments in these characters’ lives, you’re basically getting Iron Man side quests. And that’s not bad, but it’s not a trilogy. In a trilogy, the growth of the narrative and the characters is (hopefully) steady, because you’re seeing the whole story. You don’t have to worry about filling in the blanks with other movies that weren’t in the Blu-ray collection. You get the whole puzzle, and none of the other puzzle enthusiasts have to tell you “Oh, you had some missing pieces? Well, if you put together a few other puzzles, I bet you could find them in those boxes that you have to buy separately.”

And I don’t want to pretend that Marvel has invented some kind of labyrinth that drowns you in continuity if you decided to skip out on Doctor Strange or Ant-Man. The movies do a pretty good job of explaining what went on in the other movies, because they know that not every first-time MCU theatergoer got the chance to obsess over 40 hours of superhero movies before they walked into Infinity War.

No better time to see a superhero movie than when you haven’t slept for two days.

This also isn’t some kind of weird demand for Marvel to go back to the days when Daredevil and Spider-Man had no idea about each other. Marvel doesn’t seem to take a lot of risks, but it does have a cool thing going. And one day, I will invent time travel in order to tell middle-school Daniel to just stick to the Blade franchise, because eventually he’ll have a Hulk movie that’s worth the ticket price.

However, Marvel did invent a movie universe where if you stick to the “story” of one hero, you lose out on countless major character moments. Their progression becomes a jagged chart of emotional highs, and the movies go from being building blocks in a larger structure to “that one where Captain America was happy” or “that one where Iron Man was paranoid.”

Marvel Studios
“That’s my secret, Cap — I’m always paranoid.”

The art of the trilogy isn’t dead. John Wick is getting a third and final installment, and I’m sure that there will be copious future series that tap out after three rounds. But the emphasis on shared universes and having every film be one big Justice League mixer makes it a little harder to get real trilogies. But that’s about it. If you need me, I’ll be screaming at the day manager of a Target for having the gall to wrap all three Iron Man movies together without a warning label.

Daniel has a blog and a Twitter.

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Chicago Bar Selling Anti-Trump Beer

A Chicago bar is using what it knows best to take on Donald Trump: beer. 

Rogers Park Social is currently offering a beer they’re calling “C****a Tu Pelo” and giving $1 of the proceeds from every drink to the local chapter of the ACLU, according to WGN-TV.

The full name of the beverage actually means, “F**k your hair.”

The beer, originally called the Trump Golden Ale, was initially meant to be a house beer for Trump Tower, and is made by a local brewery called 5 Rabbit Cerveceria, which is Latino-owned. But the name of the brew was changed, as was the brewery’s relationship with Trump, after the GOP nominee said Mexican immigrants were “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” into this country.

Bar owner Erik Archambeault told DNA Info that he wanted to donate part of the proceeds in order to ensure that everyone benefits from beer sales.

“We usually wouldn’t want to take a particular political stand as a business,” Manager Wally Andersen told DNA Info. “But living in one of the most diverse neighborhoods around, it makes sense to support this local brewery and their awesome products.”

If you’re in Chicago, you can snag a “C- Tu Pelo” at Rogers Park Social from now until November. 

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/2017/12/06/chicago-bar-selling-anti-trump-beer/

Here Are The Strangest Laws From Every State In The Country

With the number of laws that get thrown around at both the state and federal levels every year, a few ridiculous ones are bound to slip through the cracks.

And by a few, I mean an uncomfortably large amount. What’s crazier is that outdated laws from the past tend to hang around for decades.

While law enforcement officers typically focus on laws that actually matter and affect the lives of civilians every day, it’s a little unsettling that this level of weirdness is allowed to gum up the works. Take a look at some of the most ridiculous laws that America has to offer. We should at least get a laugh out of them, right?

1. Iowa

One-armed piano players must perform for free.

2. North Carolina

It’s illegal for bingo games to last more than five hours.

3. Alabama

You can’t wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.

4. New York

It’s illegal to sell cat fur.

5. Massachusetts

You can’t use explosive golf balls.

6. Wyoming

It’s illegal to remove more than half of a sheep’s ear.

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7. Florida

For a short while, the use of computers was illegal due to a poorly written law about internet cafés.

8. Connecticut

A pickle isn’t legally a pickle until it bounces.

9. Missouri

It’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear. A caged bear is totally cool, though.

10. Illinois

It’s legal to drink if you are under 21 if you are enrolled in a culinary program.

11. New Hampshire

It’s illegal for theaters to show movies before 2 p.m.

12. Utah

It’s illegal to cause a catastrophe. Nice and vague!

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13. Indiana

Forget 3.14159 if you’re in Indiana, because the law says that the value of Pi is three.

14. South Carolina

It’s illegal to play pinball unless you are over 18.

15. New Mexico

It’s illegal for idiots and insane people to vote. Let’s just see what happens during the New Mexico primary in June.

16. Hawaii

You cannot use non-dairy milk in milkshakes without warning customers.

17. Arkansas

It’s illegal to purposely mispronounce the state’s name.

18. Georgia

You could be arrested for keeping an ice cream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday.

19. Delaware

It’s illegal to sell dog hair.

20. Colorado

You can disobey mattresses and rip those tags off with reckless abandon.

21. California

Dogs cannot legally chase down bobcats.

22. Maryland

Vending machines can’t dispense non-latex condoms.

23. Idaho

It’s illegal to give someone a box of chocolates that weighs more than 50 pounds. That’s just not right.

24. Alaska

It’s illegal to wake up a sleeping bear for a photo.

25. Arizona

Donkeys cannot sleep in tubs.

26. Kansas

It’s illegal to dye ducklings, bunnies, or baby chicks.

27. Louisiana

You can be fined $500 for sending a pizza to a friend’s house without them knowing.

28. Maine

It’s illegal to have Christmas decorations up past January 14.

29. Wisconsin

It’s illegal to serve butter substitutes in prison.

30. Virginia

Tickling women can lead to arrest.

31. West Virginia

It’s illegal to take roadkill home for dinner.

32. Minnesota

Using goldfish as bait is punishable by law.

33. Washington

There’s a legal ban on lollipops.

34. Nebraska

It’s illegal to fish for whales. Interesting.

35. Tennessee

You can be fined for sharing your Netflix password.

36. Pennsylvania

It’s illegal to tell a mystic where to dig for buried treasure.

37. Texas

Pointing lasers at airplanes is grounds for arrest.

38. Oklahoma

You can’t wrestle with bears.

39. Rhode Island

Any marriage in which either party is an idiot or a lunatic is null and void.

40. Ohio

Getting fish drunk is illegal.

41. Nevada

A man cannot buy drinks for more than three people at one time.

42. Vermont

It’s illegal to intentionally kill a bird with a plane.

43. New Jersey

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you can’t get novelty plates.

44. Oregon

It’s illegal to hunt in cemeteries.

45. South Dakota

Sleeping in cheese factories is not allowed.

46. North Dakota

It’s illegal to sell beer and pretzels at the same time. That is tragic.

47. Kansas

Rabbits cannot be shot from motorboats.

48. Michigan

A robber can legally make a case against you if they get hurt in your home while trying to steal from you.

49. Mississippi

It’s illegal to teach someone about polygamy.

50. Montana

You can’t leave a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.

(via Independent Journal Review)

You’d better make sure you know these laws, otherwise you might end up in the slammer on your next vacation! What’s the craziest law in your home state?

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Anheuser-Busch and Keurig are working on an in-home booze dispenser

Keurig’s Vue individual coffee roasting system is displayed during a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters news conference in New York.
Image: Associated press/Kathy Willens

Could Bud Light K-Cups be coming soon to your home?

Keurig just announced a joint venture with Anheuser Busch-InBev, the beer conglomerate behind brands like Budweiser and Shock Top, to research and develop an “in-home alcohol drink system.”

While the announcement doesn’t elaborate much on what such a system might look like, it does say it will build off of the technology used in Keurig’s failed Kold soda machine and focus on beer, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Keurig has been struggling for a while to break free of its reliance on home-brew coffee as consumers have lost interest in its signature disposable cups.

The company previously bet on the market for homemade soft drinks with Kold, which was discontinued last summer after its sales flopped.

Available pods for the Kold machine notably also included cocktail mixes for drinks like mojitos or old fashioneds.

In another failed bid, Keurig teamed with Campbell’s to sell soup pods that could be prepared in its coffee machines.

But whereas many analysts were skeptical about the appetite for DIY soda, market research suggests an alcohol-focused alternative might hold more promise. Consumers are increasingly opting to stay home and drink instead of hitting up bars and clubs.

The market for such a device also remains relatively clear of any major competition beyond a few scattered crowd-funding efforts.

BONUS: Tech wiz builds a bionic hand out of a coffee maker

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These wine condoms are not what you’re thinking

Image: firebox

LONDON Of all the things worth protecting, wine is most certainly a top priority.

That’s why someone had the top-notch idea of creating a “wine condom” for your prized bottle of wine.

No, we’re not talking about wine-flavoured condoms (though that’s a great idea). These condoms are actually really useful wine stoppers that create a water- and air-tight seal.

The condoms use shrink-to-fit technology which means they can fit over almost any bottle including beer and spirit bottles to keep your booze fresher for longer.

Image: firebox

There’s an added bonus too: unlike conventional wine stoppers, these don’t add any extra height to your bottle, so you don’t have to worry about positioning your prized vino at an awkward angle in the fridge.

Alack, the condoms can’t be used on champagne and prosecco because the gas creates a “weird condom balloon”.

The condoms made from 100 percent rubber come packaged in the usual foil-wrapped packaging and are available in “tuxedo black”. Each packet comes with a resealable pouch so you can get more than one use out of your condoms.

Packs of six condoms are available for pre-order at Firebox for 12.99 ($15.70).

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The 5 Best Halloween Episodes You Should Watch Tonight

Happy Halloween, everyone! How you choose to celebrate this most blessed of holidays is up to you. Some of you will drink pumpkin beer until you poop jack o’ lanterns, some of you will take your children trick-or-treating, and some of you will sit on the couch and absorb horror films. But if I can make a suggestion for that last group: In between your annual viewings of Halloween 4: The One Where Michael Myers’ Mask Looks Like Total Dogshit and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III: Not That Bad, Actually, consider watching some Halloween-themed TV episodes. Because while movies are great for frights, there are a few TV shows that actually capture the spirit of Halloween. For example …


The Office: “Employee Transfer”

The year is 2008. The place is every theater in the known world. The movie is The Dark Knight. And the thought that’s going through four billion heads simultaneously is “I know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year.”

On October 31, 2008, you couldn’t throw a Batarang without hitting someone dressed in a Heath Ledger Joker outfit. The simple act of going outside was an invitation for swarms of people in purple sweatpants to come up and ask you if you wanted to see a magic trick. Drama kids draped themselves in long wool coats and ventured into the cool autumn night, looking for prey to listen to their story about how they got their scars. Former frat bros lathered on white facepaint and sipped vodka red bulls as they mumbled through half-remembered things about “chaos” and “killing the Batman.” And the one guy dressed as Beetlejuice spent the whole evening correcting people.

It was like magic. Somewhere in Heath Ledger’s wonderful performance, the worst people you knew heard a dog whistle. A dog whistle which screeched “Annoy the fuck out of everyone you know and love.” The Office understood that this was going to happen, and that’s why “Employee Transfer” is so great.

Airing on October 30th, it was like a warning to the general public: Beware, for tomorrow your neighbors will turn on you, your children will betray you, and your roommates will spend six hours attempting to apply cheek prosthetics before giving up and just using a pound of lipstick. Any show that can accurately capture the frustration of existing in the same universe as the mob of Jokers before that day of frustration actually occurs is worth your attention.

“Employee Transfer” features some of Steve Carell’s best acting in the whole series, but it’s also a great parody of the time the Earth cancelled Halloween and replaced it with Jokerfest 2008. I’ll never forgive Christopher Nolan. Never.


The Spectacular Spider-Man: “The Uncertainty Principle”

It’s hard for superhero shows to do a good Halloween episode, and I think it’s because superheroes wear masks all the time, and a lot of the comedy from any Halloween episode comes from what the characters decide to dress up as. It’s really hard to properly dress up as anything when your main wardrobe is one bright color with a huge symbol on your chest. That’s why most superhero Halloween specials are just plain adventure stories. In The Batman episode “Grundy’s Night,” Clayface pretends to be unkillable zombie Solomon Grundy to better rob intolerable old rich people. It’s great. You should check it out.

Unsurprisingly, The Spectacular Spider-Man, the best superhero cartoon of all time, broke the mold a little bit and gave us a Halloween episode that’s a little more think-y. However, all this metaphorin’ doesn’t prevent the episode from having a fight between Green Goblin and Spider-Man which takes up the entire third act. That was probably the greatest strength of the show: being able to balance teen drama and deep reflection with radioactive boxing matches that usually lasted about seven glorious minutes.

While most interpretations of the Green Goblin never get past the whole “Curse you, Spider-Maaaaaan” section of their shtick, this Green Goblin is a playful, sadistic dick. He’s constantly asking Spider-Man to consider what “mask” is real — the mask that hides your face or the mask that is your face. This doesn’t just play into the mystery of who the Green Goblin is, but also deals with something that’s lacking in a lot of superhero shows that are made for kids: At what point does your human identity become the facade? The Green Goblin and Peter Parker aren’t opposites; they’re both freaks who only find respite and fulfillment when they wear their masks. Peter Parker is a bespectacled shell of a nerd. It’s only when he’s Spider-Man, quipping and punching with psychopathic consistency, that his actual mask gets taken off.

Anyway, Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) fakes a leg injury and then retreats back to his home. There, he finds his son passed out, breaks his own son’s fucking leg, and puts the Goblin costume on him. Then, when Spider-Man gets there, Norman is all like “We gotta get my son some help. He’s really sick. See, his leg is broken. He’s helpless. WINK.” So yeah, if you want to watch something with all the fun of a Marvel character and all the “Oh my god, no” of comic book child abuse, this is a good one. Jeez. Maybe you should’ve just gone to a costume party or something, y’all.


Any Roseanne Halloween Episode

If you grew up in a small town like I did, you know that Halloweens are a gamble. You’ll get to go trick-or-treating, but only if your parents are down to drive you to a more populated place that supports such an activity. Otherwise you’re just trudging in a ditch down a lonely country road, hoping that a passing car doesn’t hit you and ruin your Dollar Store Wolfman mask and spill all of your candy. And when you age out of that, you go to a local haunted maze, which never fails to be out in the middle of nowhere. There, you watch theatrical rednecks rev chainsaws, wave severed prop heads, and ignore copyright infringements. In North Carolina, you don’t legally reach puberty until you’ve held someone’s hand through the Hacker House. It’s the law.

One of the draws of the sitcom Roseanne was that it was about a lower-middle-class family. So many sitcoms were based around how cool it would be to have friends in New York City, or how great it would be if you could shove a dozen family members into the same piece of prime San Francisco real estate. But Roseanne was hunkered down in the suburbs. The main set looked like it had been cobbled together from a thrift store’s going-out-of-business sale, the costumes were from a Fashion Bug clearance rack, and the family was loud and loving, just like mine.

Except on Halloween.

The Halloween episodes of Roseanne are things of sitcom legend. Barely having anything to do with the show itself, the Halloween episodes would go all out and present an alternate Roseanne reality where the family could suddenly afford elaborate costumes and expensive makeup. Halloween was the biggest day of the year (as it should be in all worlds, fictional or otherwise), and the usual relaxed pace of a Roseanne episode was replaced by a frantic joke parade. And for me, it was pure wish fulfillment.

You wanted to have a Roseanne Halloween. A Halloween where you could buy that expensive costume that you saw at the mall and run around and play pranks on everyone. A Halloween where you could go trick-or-treating with your friends, because most houses were less than a quarter of a mile from each other. A Halloween where everyone, adults included, understood how important Halloween was to you.

The Halloweens I experienced as a kid were fucking wonderful. But just once, I wanted a Roseanne Halloween.


How I Met Your Mother: “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns”

I moved from North Carolina to NYC, because it’s the true path of an artist to be miserable in a small town and then move to a large town where you’re only mostly miserable. And it’s there that I learned that you will see most of the people you know maybe once every few months. It’s just hard to hang out with people. Sure, a subway system connects the whole city, but deciding to use it is flipping the coin on whether a particular train works that day or not. So you’ll go a long time without seeing someone important to you. “Oh, I remember you! You were at that thing in 1988! New Jersey now, huh?”

The How I Met Your Mother Halloween episode “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” gets that more than most NYC-based sitcoms. In it, human sweater vest Ted Mosby finally meets up with a girl that he saw at a Halloween party years earlier. She’d been dressed as a pumpkin, and as he did with most things with a pulse, he fell in love with her. But now, upon meeting her and dating her, he finds that they have absolutely no spark. Sitcoms, right? One minute you’re in a zany situation, the next you’re finding out that you’ve spent the last ten years pining after a lie. Laugh track!

Halloween in a big city is weird. On one hand, you want to explore what it has to offer, but it’s easy to get discouraged by the fact that you know that something like “HALLOWEEN PARTY FEATURING DJ QUANTUM. HALF-OFF SHOTS. PEOPLE IN COSTUMES GET A FREE PUMPKIN TEQUILA ENEMA” will attract roughly 30,000 people. So you go to parties, where you make friends you don’t see again for eight years. And so your big-city circle of friends becomes a mix of a core group you hang out with constantly and people you see once a decade. It’s kind of nice, especially in a sea of sitcoms that portray NYC as a place where you apparently can teleport from borough to borough, never having to worry about petty things like time or physics.


Walker, Texas Ranger: “The Children Of Halloween”

I don’t blame you if you don’t want to watch Walker, Texas Ranger. Chuck Norris is a pretty cartoonish figure in pop culture, but most episodes of Walker are a slog. Chuck kicks some criminals, administers a moral lesson, and talks down to everyone. Chuck Norris is judge, jury, executioner, God, Jesus, and Shakespeare in Walker, Texas Ranger. Somehow, Chuck Norris made a show about roundhouse kicks into something as boring as a Pat Robertson colonoscopy.

However, if you’re looking for something that is simultaneously a piece of batshit holiday insanity and the Walker-est Texas-est Ranger-est episode of Walker, Texas Ranger ever, watch “The Children Of Halloween.” It opens with Norris scoffing at his black co-worker’s George Washington Carver costume. Walker is a Texas Ranger, but more than that, he’s an awful dickhead.

One scene of men in ape masks shooting machine guns at a convenience store for no reason later, and we get a touching montage of kids practicing martial arts that feels like it lasts two hours. One of those kids is abducted by a satanic cult, and Walker is dropped into a race against time to stop children from being sacrificed. How spooky is all of this? So spooky that the opening credits adopt a Tales From The Crypt font and show us a cemetery with a blue filter over it. Fucking boo.

Sony Pictures Television Distribution

That’s ultimate spooky.

Regardless, Walker has never met a problem he couldn’t quite easily resolve by beating it unconscious. In the nick of time, he literally flies onto the screen with a side-kick, and then breaks a Satan worshiper’s neck in front of a group of stunned children. He proceeds to kick an entire cult into submission and saves the day. Walker finishes the episode by drinking coffee in a bar while ignoring the women who hit on him, because as the theme song says, “That’s what a ranger’s gonna be.” Yep. Murder a bunch of strangers in front of elementary schoolers and never have sex, like, ever. It’s what a ranger’s gonna be. Who am I to argue?

Daniel has a spooky, scary Twitter.

The Simpsons Tree House of Horror Collection is objectively the greatest Halloween TV you’ll ever find on this Earth. Enjoy!

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Angela Merkel’s (not so big) secret to election success

(CNN)Political upset and change — the twin themes dominating Western politics of late — have led to Britain’s voting to leave the EU, the election of Donald Trump and, most recently, in Emmanuel Macron’s ascendancy to the Elysée Palace in France.

Six weeks ahead of Germany’s national elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel launched her bid for reelection last weekend in Dortmund, a small city in Germany’s industrial heartland and the country’s most populous state.
Unlike other deeply polarizing elections in Europe (and the US), don’t expect this one to get too heated. There will be no fire and brimstone from Merkel: she will run a calm — maybe even bland — campaign.
    Posters for Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) give a hint as to what’s likely to follow. “Enjoy the summer now, and make the right choice in the fall,” one of them tells voters, with a picture of a smiling young woman lying in a field.
    So can Merkel be stopped? It seems unlikely. She has won seven straight votes since she was first elected to parliament in 1990. And she will almost certainly win a fourth term as Chancellor in September, marking over a decade in power, and bucking the trend seen in other Western liberal democracies.
    Her most recent approval rating, released on Thursday by Infratest Dimap, suggests that a whopping 59% of Germans think that “Mutti” is doing a good job. Other leaders would kill for numbers like these. For Merkel, there’s room for improvement: it’s 10% down from last month.
    What about her competition? At the moment it looks likely it’ll be blown out of the water.
    The task ahead seems nearly impossible now for the SPD. “The SPD is Burning,” read an editorial in the respected German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung last week.
    What’s Merkel’s big secret? Being Angela Merkel.
    That means staying cool, calm and pragmatic, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances. Don’t forget that she has weathered numerous crises in the last few years.
    At the height of the eurozone crisis (remember those tense hours ahead of the 2015 “Greferendum,” when Yanis Varoufakis jetted back and forth to Brussels, and it looked like Greece would be thrown out of the common currency?) it was Merkel who spent political capital to keep the bloc together.
    Then there was the Ukraine crisis — catalyzed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s particularly boisterous brand of nationalism — which saw Merkel take the lead in placing EU sanctions on Moscow, despite Germany’s close economic links to Russia.
    Merkel’s biggest “wobble” came during the 2015 migration crisis, when over a million refugees and asylum seekers came to Germany, forcing temporary border controls and heated public debate, domestically as well as internationally. As her approval ratings tumbled, some (mostly Anglo-Saxon) commentators were overzealous in predicting her imminent demise and the hijacking of German politics by the right-wing and anti-immigrant AfD party.
    And yet, she persisted, telling Germans that “we will manage.”
    And that’s the thing: they believe her — much to the disbelief of some political observers. In this increasingly unstable world, German voters want their capable manager to remain in post. They want her to protect what matters to them most: the economy, and the European Union.
    And in Germany there is no cause for great alarm. The economy is doing well, unemployment is at a low, and even the refugee crisis seems to have abated (for now).
    Germans don’t want a political revolution. So why would they take a risk?

    Source: http://allofbeer.com/2017/12/06/angela-merkels-not-so-big-secret-to-election-success/