Warnings as flood risk remains

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Media captionProperties were evacuated and roads flooded in Kent

Motorists are being warned not to drive through flood water after thunderstorms and torrential rain brought parts of Kent and London to a standstill.

The Environment Agency has said further rainfall over the next few days could lead to more localised flooding.

The warning comes after south-east England received a month’s worth of rain in a few hours on Tuesday.

Some roads remain closed due to the flooding, fallen trees and sewage overflow.

Image copyright Dean Howard
Image caption Flooding in Coulton Avenue, Northfleet

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We remind people not to drive through flood water as just 30cm can move your car, and to check our active alerts and warnings – which are updated every 15 minutes – online.

“Our teams remain out on the ground, checking and operating defences and we are ready to support local authorities in responding to surface-water flooding.”

Image copyright Simon Moores
Image caption Stretches of the M2 were closed to due the flooding

London Fire Brigade confirmed it received more than 100 flood-related calls on Tuesday.

Some train services were cancelled as railway lines were submerged and a number of flights from Gatwick Airport were also affected.

Image copyright Kent Highways
Image caption Traffic was unable to switch between the M2 and M20 after a stretch of the A249 at Stockbury was closed

Almost the entire May average of 50mm (2in) of rain fell in a matter of hours.

A spokesman for Kent Highways said teams were still out working to clear floodwater from roads on Wednesday.

The worst problems were in Maidstone, Gravesham and Swale, in the north-east of the county.

Helen Whately, MP for Faversham and Mid Kent, was among those whose homes were flooded.

She tweeted: “Now the clear up begins. If you’re waiting for a letter from me and it’s a bit delayed, I am sorry! #flooding.”

Image copyright Helen Whately
Image caption Helen Whately tweeted the clear up was getting under way

Stretches of the M2 – a key route from London towards the Kent coast – were also closed while members of the emergency services and Highways England cleared flood water from the carriageways.

London was also badly hit with about 30 houses flooded by up to 25in (64cm) of water in Erith, south-east London.

Four people were also rescued from their cars in Stratford, in the east of the city.

Two fires in north and west London, believed to have been caused by lightning, were among more than 100 calls the fire service received during the day.

BBC weather presenter Nina Ridge said there “could still be heavy, thundery downpours in the morning and for the next few days.”

Image copyright Lisa Bishop
Image caption The cellar of the Three Daws pub in Gravesend flooded

The Three Daws riverside pub at Gravesend was hit for the second time in three days.

Manager Lisa Bishop said flood defences were breached.

“My cellar is still underwater and I’m waiting for Southern Water to bring a pump to pump it out,” she said.

“At least 20 barrels of beer are bobbing about.”

Image caption Judith White and her budgie had to be evacuated from their home in Chatham

In Chatham in Kent, Judith White and her budgie had to move out of her house after flooding.

“Being on my own and not in the best of health, it’s very scary. The worst thing is I’ve no insurance,” she said.

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F*ck You Im Fabulous: Stop Glamor-Shaming Me

Now I’m not a trust-fund baby (F*CK, I WISH!), I don’t make a heaps of money, and I pay Manhattan rent. If I lived anywhere else in the world, I might be doing sort of OK, financially — but I live in NEW YORK CITY.

However, this article isn’t about New York City. This article isn’t even really about money. It’s about living a glamorous, fabulous, glittering, lifestyle and being made to feel ashamed about it.

I didn’t realize the magnitude of my lavish lifestyle until very recently. I can’t help it. I was born glamorous. You can totally hate me for this if you want to, by the way. I’ve been in therapy for a while now, and I don’t need everyone’s approval all the time anymore. And luckily, I have a few glam friends who get it:

But, boys and girls, tell me, is there really a need to shame me and my luxurious friends for being glam? I mean, half of the girls I know in New York City who dutifully take the subway and sport beat up converse are way richer and more spoiled than I am. Their “ripped” jeans aren’t ripped because they’re worn down — they’re actually Rag & Bone distressed denim that retail for $450.

They might live in dirty Brooklyn lofts, but those “run down” warehouse spaces cost twice as much as my pretty little Upper East Side shoe box.

Look, I get it: Being glamorous is not cool. Being unglamorous is “en vogue” right now. It’s hip to look dirty and hit the dive bars even when you have a trust fund.

But does that mean I really should be incessantly subjected to dirty looks, bitchy eye-rolls and back-handed compliments about how “overdressed” I am? Why can’t everyone just LET ME LIVE?

I’m not asking you to finance my lavish lifestyle, so who the f*ck cares if I spend $52 on Tom Ford lipstick? I’m single. I don’t have children. I, by the way, you smug little trolls, low-key do a sh*t ton of community service (Most of my jobs have been non-profit).

And most importantly, I can strut around the city in my 6.5-inch mega platforms faster than you can in your ugly ass “flats.”

Think I’m lying?Try me bitches. Try me, but stop shaming me. I’m a 29-year-old woman trying to survive in the cruel, cold world like everyone else.

Don’t Uber-shame me.

The other day, I was with my friend Sam (who is totally low-key bougie but in total denial).

“I’m not taking the subway home,” I declared. She had convinced me to get high as a f*cking kite with her on a downtown rooftop, and I don’t usually smoke. There was no way I could face the subway stoned — not that I ever take the subway anyway (but at least I had a good excuse for ONCE).

As I picked up my pink glitter iPhone 6 Plus and pressed my nail-polished finger on the comforting “Uber app,” she gave me a judgmental stare down, sending shards of shame down my spine.

“Zara, we are right by the train, AND there is a 2.5x surge price. Don’t Uber — that’s f*cking ridiculous! You’re ridiculous!” She cried, dramatically puffing on her perfectly rolled joint.

“F*ck off. I’m taking Uber, you bitch,” I smugly replied, pressing down extra hard on the “confirm your trip” tab for dramatic effect.

“Fine” she said, exasperated, staring out into the starless New York City sky.

My text message made the little ding sound. I checked; it was the Uber driver informing me hewas outside. As I went to reply “coming outside,” I realized I had a long text HISTORY with saidUber driver.

Ever since that realization, I check my text history with Uber drivers, and 90 percent of the time, I’ve ridden with them before. That means out of all the tens of thousands of Uber drivers in New York City, I, Zara Barrie, take it so often that I get repeat drivers. Extreme, even for me.

But you know what? Who f*cking cares? I’m not going to apologize for not wanting to be crammed on the subway in a skimpy outfit, lace stockings and bright red lippy at 1 am.

Plus, life always just seems better in the back of an Uber, you know? You can’t put a price tag on happiness, Kittens.

Don’t Champagne-shame me.

“You orderedchampagne,” a 21-year-old co-worker judgmentally purred to me, smugly pulling on her “vintage” grandfather sweater. “That’s like so fancy. You’re sooo bougie,” she squealed, her button nose straight in the air.

“Well, what the hell are you drinking?” I humbly inquired, tapping on my crystal champagne flute with a pointed, freshly polished nail.

“Beer, duh,” she replied like it was the most obvious thing on the planet. Like there was no other drink one could possibly enjoy at 5 pm at a local little bar after work.

I’m sorry, but my expensive lipstick lips will never touch beer.

That would be disrespectful to my $52 Tom Ford lipstick, DUH. I can’t help that champagne just suits my body. I just like the way bubbles sift down my throat and penetrate into my spirit.

I exclusively drink champagne, and if the bar doesn’t have champagne, I simply don’t go.

Don’t daytime lipstick-shame me.

“Isn’t that a little much for the DAY!?” My ex used to say every time I left the apartment. She was referring to my love for bold lipsticks. Look if I feel sexier in a dark violet lip, why shouldn’t I wear it in the middle of springtime day? Am I only allowed to feel sexy in the day?

If those are the “rules,” I’m consciously choosing to disregard them. I want to feel sexy as f*ck all the f*cking time. I do a better job when I feel sexy, I’m a kinder human being when I feel sexy, andmost importantly, I’m a happier, more confident human being when I feel sexy.

I don’t care if it’s harsh to your delicate eyes in the daylight. Invest in some sunnies, darling, because I’m not going to stop.

Don’t heel-shame me.

The other day, I was walking around Manhattan at 7 am, way uptown on 92nd Street, when I noticed all the Upper East Side MILF moms giving me looks of death. They were all walking their plaid-skirt, baby-Moncler-puff-coat-wearingkids to school as I haphazardly attempted to catch a cab downtown to work.

Why is everyone looking at me so strangely?I silently wondered as I stuck my mega bangled arm out to catch a cab. I noticed a pattern; they were all staring at my feet. I was wearing open-toed platform sandals in the winter (with tights! I’m not a SAVAGE).

Look — just because I wear HEELS all of the time, even in dire weather conditions, doesn’t mean you need to constantly point it out in large crowds, give me incredulous looks OR publicly humiliate me.

If I want to f*ck up my feet and back, that’s my prerogative.

I like looking at the world fromstunningly high views. I see sh*t the rest of you bitches in flats don’t see.

Unless you’re tall. And if you’re tall, I’m extremely jealous of you, and maybe if I was YOUR HEIGHT, I wouldn’t wear such large heels.

But no, I’m not tall. I’m a short jewish girl just trying to live her life.

Don’t fab dress-shame me.

“Woah, that’s a lot for WORK! Isn’t that, like, uncomfortable?” a new Elite Daily employee exclaimed to me recently (poor honey didn’t know I dress like this every day). I looked down at my dress. I was clad in my favorite pale blue vintage cocktail dress, given to me by a darling (and super glam) family friend.

Yes, it’s a lot for work. But what am I supposed to do? Wear jeans? I hate jeans — I don’t look or feel good in DENIM. And don’t even get me started on f*cking leggings.

Why does every girl who wears “leggings to work” feel so bloody smug about it?

“Oh, I don’t dress up. I’m always in my leggings!” girls will boast, running their bare fingers along their barre-class thighs.

We get it. You have skinny legs and want us all to know you WORK OUT. I got it. (I’m going to the bar in heels, so see you later).

Truth be told, I don’t judge you legging-wearing-waifs for ruining the art of fashion (an art that I’m super passionate about) in the name of “comfort,” so stop judging me for wearing uncomfortable cocktail dresses in the day!

Yes, there aren’t always the most comfortable garments to wear…but SCREW IT. It’s me wearing it — not you.

You keep doing you in tights and over-the-knee flat boots. Let me do ME in cocktail dresses and over-the-knee stiletto boots.

Don’t fancy restaurant-shame me.

I’m sorry, but I’m really not sorry about this one, lovelies. I don’t like sh*t chain restaurants. They lack imagination, and I live for the imaginative.

I only want to go places where I can have my glamorous cake and eat it too!

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The Shirk Report Volume 377

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to submit@twistedsifter.com


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He’s biking around the world after his wife’s death

(CNN)In one horrifying moment, on a lonely road in Bolivia, Tim Bridgman lost his soul mate.

He and his wife Sharon had been riding their bicycles around the world to raise money for ShelterBox, an all-in-one disaster relief kit with a tent and lifesaving supplies. They had set out in June 2012 from Nordkapp, Norway, and were more than halfway through their journey when Sharon was killed.
The couple, who did not have children, planned to journey from Scandinavia to South Africa, then from Argentina to Alaska on mountain bikes. They had belonged to a cycling club for more than a decade. (Tim, a carpenter, lived with Sharon in Devon, England. She was a drug and alcohol addiction counselor.)
    “I’ve always wanted to cycle around the world, but not the easy way,” Tim, 42, says. “I wanted to cycle the two longest land masses in the world. She looked at me and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ “
    Photographs on Tim’s website, north2northcycletour, show glowing progress reports from the loving couple. Sharon seems to travel back in time as she uses a well on a Romanian hillside, with a long wooden lever and a bucket. The couple leaps above their bikes in jubilation when they reach a monument at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian oceans in South Africa. They trek though South America as a tailwind of goodwill from strangers, family and friends helps push them though unfathomable muscle fatigue, scorching temperatures, freezing conditions and whipping winds.
    But in Bolivia’s Antiplano, this romantic tale got crushed by heartbreaking calamity on April 26, 2014.
    “It’s like being up on the moon,” Tim describes the Altiplano. “We’re up at 4,000 meters, more than 15,000 feet, and there is no one… Sharon was hit by the only car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, within nine hours.”
    So their journey took the ultimate U-turn, back to the church in Devon, where Tim and Sharon married in May 2008. Sharon was buried there.
    Tim grieved for several months, then decided to complete the quest he and Sharon had begun. He mounted his bike and pushed himself forward.
    “I realized I had to come back and not only finish (the bicycle trip) for her, but to finish it for me to learn to live again,” Tim says.
    Tim grabbed a box full of letters friends and family wrote to Sharon — “Things people wanted to say to her but never got the chance” — to take with him.
    Knees aching, heartbroken, dreams of growing old together gone, Tim returned in March 2015 to the desolate Altiplano road where Sharon was killed and saw a modest memorial with a small cross strangers had built.
    “I wanted to say something meaningful, but my voice wouldn’t work and only a few choked words came out,” Tim wrote in his blog that day. “What could I say? I had lost the most precious thing I had ever had. “
    The carpenter dug a hole to bury the box of letters to Sharon, along with an empty bottle of Argentinian beer they had enjoyed drinking together. Then he climbed back on his 14-speed, Surly Troll bike.
    Several days after, Tim traveled a pathetic 10 miles in 9 hours, wheels sinking so deep in salt flats he found and rode on railroad tracks because they offered an intermittent hard surface. When Tim finally reached a small mining town, he was greeted by a smile-inducing fur ball, a fuzzy, four-legged welcoming committee.
    “This amazing dog,” Tim grins. “He almost congratulated me into making it. So it was a nice end to hard day.”
    It’s the the treasured moments with animals, and the kindness of strangers that motivate Tim.
    “People praise me, but it’s not that hard,” Tim says. “I meet people who are picking up aluminum cans just to make a few pence for their family. I have a passport, freedom… I have met thousands of people who would never get the chance to have a passport, let alone travel around the world.”
    Tim has traveled through 40 countries, and logged more 34,000 miles. He estimates he has altogether climbed 100 miles higher than the International Space Station, on two wheels. He has raised almost $40,000 for ShelterBox so far, $25,000 from Rotary Clubs, which also have provided food and places to sleep.
    He doesn’t travel with a ShelterBox tent, which is 14 x 14 feet and 7-feet tall. It’s too bulky and heavy to haul on a mountain bike, but perfect for a family that’s homeless and stripped down to rags after a typhoon, flood, fire or other disaster. The box also has thermal blankets, cooking supplies water purification units, building materials, corrugated iron, metal strapping and nails.
    Tim’s bittersweet, four-year voyage will end in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in about six weeks. He vows he will arrive filled with the wonderful moments he shared with Sharon and memories no one can take away.
    “And when I get there (Prudhoe Bay) I’m going to go to bed. and I am going to sleep for about a year,” he says with a laugh. “And I am going to get up and have a pint (of beer) and an English pie. And then after, I’ll have to figure out how to rebuild my life.”

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    People Are OUTRAGED After ‘Survivor’ Loser Drops Huge Bombshell About Contestant On-Air

    Survivor is still on the air after roughly 1,987 seasons, and there’s no shortage of drama to go around the board.

    Load Comments

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    It Looks Like Drake Might Be Dating Justin Bieber’s Ex Hailey Baldwin

    Noooooo, Drake, don’t do this to me!

    You’re supposedto date Rihanna to make me happy! Who cares about you or your happiness! C’mon man!

    Unfortunately, I’m kind of watchingmy Drake/Rihanna dreams go down the drain here because Drake is seemingly dating Justin Bieber’s ex Hailey Baldwin.

    TMZ reports the 29-year-old rapperspent a long holiday weekend with Hailey, who, by the way, is only 19.

    Witnesses claimed to have seen the two ordering drinks together, getting up close and personal and basically doing all the things you do on a date.

    Drake and Hailey apparently hooked up at Drake’s Memorial Day party on Monday. I, for one, cannot think of a better way to honor our troops.

    Look, I don’t want to believe it, either, but unfortunately, there are pictures.

    They even took cute Snapchats together — and they used the puppy filter. You know it’s flirting when the puppy filter comes out.

    The 19-year-old model is just coming off a relationship with Justin Bieber, which sounded pretty complicated. I guess she’s ready for a singer who’s a little more mature now.

    And here I was thinking RiRi and Drizzy were about to get back together. Sigh.

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    Is Guinness really ‘good for you’?

    (CNN)Guinness, like other Irish stouts, enjoys a seasonal popularity every St. Patrick’s Day. It has also been touted as being “good for you,” at least by its own advertising posters decades ago.

    But can this creamy, rich and filling beer really be added to a list of healthy beverages? Or is its reputation just good marketing? We researched the beer’s history and talked to brewing experts and break out the good, the not-so-great and the ingenuity of Guinness.

    The good

      The original Guinness is a type of ale known as stout. It’s made from a grist (grain) that includes a large amount of roasted barley, which gives it its intense burnt flavor and very dark color. And though you wouldn’t rank it as healthful as a vegetable, the stouts in general, as well as other beers, may be justified in at least some of their nutritional bragging rights.
      According to Charlie Bamforth, a professor of brewing sciences at the University of California, Davis, most beers contain significant amounts of antioxidants, B vitamins, the mineral silicon (which may help protect against osteoporosis), soluble fiber and prebiotics, which promote the growth of “good” bacteria in your gut.
      And Guinness may have a slight edge compared with other brews, even over other stouts. “We showed that Guinness contained the most folate of the imported beers we analyzed,” Bamforth said. Folate is a B vitamin that our bodies need to make DNA and other genetic material; it’s also necessary for cells to divide. According to his research, stouts on average contain 12.8 micrograms of folate, or 3.2% of the recommended daily allowance.
      Because Guinness contains a lot of unmalted barley, which contains more fiber than malted grain, it is also one of the beers with the highest levels of fiber, according to Bamforth. (Note: Though the USDA lists beer as containing zero grams of fiber, Bamforth said his research shows otherwise.)
      Bamforth researched and co-authored studies recently published in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing and the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, The Science of Beer.
      Here’s more potentially good news about Guinness: Despite its rich flavor and creamy consistency, it’s not the highest in calories compared with other beers. A 12-ounce serving of Guinness Draught has 125 calories. By comparison, the same size serving of Budweiser has 145 calories, a Heineken has 142 calories, and a Samuel Adams Cream Stout has 189 calories. In the United States, Guinness Extra Stout, by the way, has 149 calories.
      This makes sense when you consider that alcohol is the main source of calories in beers. Guinness Draught has a lower alcohol content, at 4.2% alcohol by volume (ABV), compared with 5% for Budweiser and Heineken, and 4.9% for the Samuel Adams Cream Stout.
      In general, moderate alcohol consumption — defined by the USDA’s dietary guidelines for Americans as no more than two drinks per day for men or one drink per day for women — may protect against heart disease. So you can check off another box.

      The not-so-great

      Guinness is still alcohol, and consuming too much can impair judgment and contribute to weight gain. Heavy drinking (considered more than 15 drinks a week for men or more than eight drinks a week for women) and binge drinking (five or more drinks for men, and four or more for women, in about a two-hour period) are also associated with many health problems, including liver disease, pancreatitis and high blood pressure.
      According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, “alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States: 17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence along with several million more who engage in risky, binge drinking patterns that could lead to alcohol problems.”
      And while moderate consumption of alcohol may have heart benefits for some, consumption of alcohol can also increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer for each drink consumed daily.
      Many decades ago, in Ireland, it would not have been uncommon for a doctor to advise pregnant and nursing women to drink Guinness. But today, experts (particularly in the United States) caution of the dangers associated with consuming any alcohol while pregnant.
      “Alcohol is a teratogen, which is something that causes birth defects. It can cause damage to the fetal brain and other organ systems,” said Dr. Erin Tracy, an OB/GYN at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive gynecology. “We don’t know of any safe dose of alcohol in pregnancy; hence we recommend abstaining entirely during this brief period of time in a woman’s life.”
      What about beer for breastfeeding? “In Britain, they have it in the culture that drinking Guinness is good for nursing mothers,” said Karl Siebert, professor emeritus of the food science department and previous director of the brewing program at Cornell University.
      Beer in general has been regarded as a galactagogue, or stimulant of lactation, for much of history. In fact, according to irishtimes.com, breastfeeding women in Ireland were once given a bottle of Guinness a day in maternity hospitals.
      According to Domhnall Marnell, the Guinness ambassador, Guinness Original (also known as Guinness Extra Stout, depending on where it was sold) debuted in 1821, and for a time, it contained live yeast, which had a high iron content, so it was given to anemic individuals or nursing mothers then, before the effects of alcohol were fully understood.
      Some studies have showed evidence that ingredients in beer can increase prolactin, a hormone necessary for milk production; others have showed the opposite. Regardless of the conclusions, the alcohol in beer also appears to counter the benefits associated with increased prolactin secretion.
      “The problem is that alcohol temporarily inhibits the milk ejection reflex and overall milk supply, especially when ingested in large amounts, and chronic alcohol use lowers milk supply permanently,” said Diana West, co-author of “The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk.”
      “Barley can be eaten directly, or even made from commercial barley drinks, which would be less problematic than drinking beer,” West said.
      If you’re still not convinced that beer is detrimental to breastfeeding, consider this fact: A nursing mother drinking any type of alcohol puts her baby in potential danger. “The fetal brain is still developing after birth — and since alcohol passes into breast milk, the baby is still at risk,” Tracy said.
      “This is something we would not advocate today,” Marnell agreed. “We would not recommend to anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding to be enjoying our products during this time in their life.”
      Regarding the old wives’ tale about beer’s effects on breastfeeding, Marnell added, “It’s not something that Guinness has perpetuated … and if (people are still saying it), I’d like to say once and for all, it’s not something we support or recommend.”

      The ingenuity

      Assuming you are healthy and have the green light to drink beer, you might wonder why Guinness feels like you’ve consumed a meal, despite its lower calorie and alcohol content.
      It has to do with the sophistication that goes into producing and pouring Guinness. According to Bamforth, for more than half a century, Guinness has put nitrogen gas into its beer at the packaging stage, which gives smaller, more stable bubbles and delivers a more luscious mouthfeel. It also tempers the harsh burnt character coming from the roasted barley. Guinness cans, containing a widget to control the pour, also have some nitrogen.
      Guinness is also dispensed through a special tap that uses a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. “In Ireland, Guinness had a long history of hiring the best and brightest university graduates regardless of what they were trained in,” Siebert said. “And they put them to work on things they needed. One was a special tap for dispensing Guinness, which has 11 different nozzles in it, that helps to form the fine-bubbled foam.”
      The foam is remarkably long-lasting. “After you get a freshly poured Guinness, you can make a face in the foam, and by the time you finish drinking it, the face is still there,” Siebert said.

      ‘It’s a good day for a Guinness,’ unless you’re pregnant

      The famous advertising Guinness slogans — including “It’s a good day for a Guinness” — started through word of mouth, said Marnell. “In 1929, when we were about to do our first ad, we asked (ourselves), ‘What stance should we take?’ So we sent around a group of marketers (in Ireland and the UK) to ask Guinness drinkers why they chose Guinness, and nine out of 10 said their belief was that the beer was healthy for them. We already had this reputation in the bars before we uttered a word about the beer.
      “That led to the Gilroy ads that were posted,” Marnell explained, referring to the artist John Gilroy, responsible for the Guinness ads from 1928 to the 1960s. “You’ll see the characters representing the Guinness brand — the toucan, the pelican — and slogans like ‘Guinness is good for you’ or ‘Guinness for Strength.’ But those were from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.”
      Today, he said, the company would not claim any health benefits for its beer. “If anyone is under the impression that there are health benefits to drinking Guinness, then unfortunately, I’m the bearer of bad news. Guinness is not going to build muscle or cure you of influenza.”
      In fact, Guinness’ parent company, Diageo, spends a lot of effort supporting responsible drinking initiatives and educating consumers about alcohol’s effects. Its DrinkIQ page offers information such as calories in alcohol, how your body processes it and when alcohol can be dangerous, including during pregnancy.
      “One of the main things we focus on … is that while we would love people to enjoy our beer, we want to make sure they do so as responsibly as possible,” Marnell said. “We would never recommend that anyone drink to excess, and (we want to make people) aware of how alcohol effects the body.”

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      And again: Most health providers in the US would advise forgoing all alcohol if you are pregnant, nursing or have other health or medical issues where alcohol consumption is not advised.
      So responsibly celebrate St. Patrick this year a little wiser about the health benefits and risks with one of its signature potables.

      Source: http://allofbeer.com/is-guinness-really-good-for-you/